Rhaphidophora tetrasperma shoot multiplication

Protocol request received for Rhaphidophora tetrasperma on 29.09.2019.

[UNSOLVED] A specific protocol could not be retrieved yet.

Maybe protocols for other members of the subfamily Monsteroideae could help to develop a new one. For example there are protocols for Epipremnum aureum (Qu et al. 2002) and Monstera deliciosa (Fonnesbech & Fonnesbech 1980).

Sometimes the usage of Thidiazuron for tissue culture of plants within the family of Araceae is mentioned (Chen & Wei 2018). More protocols for some Araceae members ( Alocasia sanderina, Colocasia antiquorum, Gonatanthus pumilus and Syngonium podophylum) can be found in the paper of Chan et al. (2001). Multiple shoot formation has been reported by culturing axilliary buds.

Murashige & Skoog based media in full strength has been used in the most publications, it could be a medium to start with. The optimal plant growth regulators and their concentration must be ascertained.

We would be thankful to hear user reports for any attempts of R. tetrasperma micropropagation.

Chan, L-K., C. M. Tan, and G. S. Chew. “Micropropagation of the Araceae ornamental plants.” I International Symposium on Acclimatization and Establishment of Micropropagated Plants 616 . 2001.

Chen, Jianjun, and Xiangying Wei. “Thidiazuron in Micropropagation of Aroid Plants.” Thidiazuron: From Urea Derivative to Plant Growth Regulator . Springer, Singapore, 2018. 95-113.

Fonnesbech, A., and M. Fonnesbech. “In vitro propagation of Monstera deliciosa.” HortScience 15.6 (1980): 740-741.

Qu, Luping et al. “Thidiazuron promotes adventitious shoot regeneration from pothos (Epipremnum aureum) leaf and petiole explants.” In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology-Plant 38.3 (2002): 268-271.

I can’t access the Fonnesbech and Fonnesbech article - is anyone able to share a PDF directly?

I contacted the publisher a week ago, trying to get a PDF copy of this article. They did not respond yet.

@Avery I finally got some response, here is the paper:

Fonnesbech, A., and M. Fonnesbech. “In vitro propagation of Monstera deliciosa.” HortScience 15.6 (1980): 740-741.

Fonnesbech&Fonnesbech1980.pdf (306.8 KB)

Please notice, the cytokinin PBA is also known as BPA (but not to be mistaken with BAP)

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