Preparation of plant growth regulator stock solutions

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i want to prepare stock solutions so I can add plant growth regulators easier to my culture media. I never did this before, is there a guide available or something like that?

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A small guide can be found in the method entry on the phytoneers database:
phytoneers Method Entry: Preparation of Stock Solutions (URL not accessible anymore)

If you have prepared the solutions, this calculator from Sigma can be very helpful if you have problems with conversion of units (one of the main error sources during media preparation):
Solution Dilution Calculator

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Hello im also new.

OrangeBud here probaly came up with to the same Datas i came up to.

Which are not sientific papers at all , most youtuber, fb group etc “protocols” if you may call them that tell you mesurements on the hormons like 1mL/L because they bought it in premixed solution.

I know some even bought it from different sources , but they never mention the concentration of their Product.
Can i assume that its similar to the stock solution mentionite here ? Is it like an “industry standart”?
Or should i just avoid these and go only with Protocols who delivere how much BA or NAA i really need ?

Thanks in advance

It is an example only, not a standard. A solution containing 1 mg/ml is preferred by many people for practical reasons as it is easy to calculate and to prepare.

Higher concentrated stock solutions require pipettes with higher precision for the dosage. Additionally, the solubility of the substance in the solvent has to be considered to avoid crystallization during storage in the freezer etc.

Lower concentrated stock solutions require higher volumes to be sterile filtrated (in case autoclaving must be avoided). And, if too much of the primary solvent is used, it may adds too much of it to the media, which changes the pH in case of alkaline stocks, or adds phytotoxic levels of organic solvents like EtOH, DMSO etc.

Of course, if someone mentions a final concentration of a solid in volumetric units only, it is a quite useless information without referring to the stock’s concentration. Only makes sense for liquid PGRs such as jasmonic acid, but even this one can be sold by some suppliers in form of a diluted product.