New release of the phytoneers forum

The phytoneers database allows information aggregation in the field of plant biotechnology. It is a platform for international collaboration between researchers, breeders and enthusiasts which share common techniques used in plant science, e.g. for species conservation, in vitro micropropagation and regeneration of plants. Phytoneers enables comparison, compiling and retrieval of protocols & methods in fundamental or applied plant research.

This forum is the newest extension of the database which simplifies the information exchange. Please notice that database and forum functionalities are not completely released for usage yet. We are working on a successively merge to prevent formation of data duplicates which would negatively effect the manageability of informations. One of the main goals is a way to provide data in a precise and conciseness way which is advantageous for fast information retrieval by the platform users.

If you like the concept of open science and want to contribute to the world of plant science.

Thank you for visiting us!

Benjamin Elias Klein
Initiator of the Phytoneers Project