Medium & protocol for Aldrovanda vesiculosa

Hi all,
Does anyone have Medium & protocol for aldrovanda vesiculosa?

Hi Maciej!

Gamborg B5 medium has been successfully tested by Adamec & Kondo (2002). Seems work well with half strength B5. Addition of 1 g/l Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) was helpful in a polish strain. They also added some peptone from meat with 16 % N (concentration: 0.3 - 1 g/l) and considered it to be beneficial. They used 20 g/l Sucrose for all media.

Full strength B5 does not work good according to their results, so you always should use a lower strength.

Aldrovanda vesiculosa seems have a wide pH tolerance. Even a pH of less than 3.0 was not toxic. The authors adjusted pH to 5.5 before autoclaving, but the explants will cause a pH drop during growth.

Other culture parameters:

  • Light: 505 lux continuous fluorescent illumination.
  • Temperature: 26 +/- 0.5 °C
  • explant type: non branched 1.5 - 2.0 cm long apical segments from shoots
  • 100 ml test tubes with 40 ml liquid media on a rotary cultivation apparatus (2 cycles/min)

You can get the protocol as PDF here:

Good luck!

Adamec, L., & Kondo, K. (2002). Optimization of medium for growing the aquatic carnivorous plant Aldrovanda vesiculosa in vitro. Plant Biotechnology , 19 (4), 283-286.

I don’t have to desinfect the plant before I put it in liquid media?

Do you plan to cultivate some funghi and bacteria?

If not, you should indeed sterilize the explants! The authors worked with already established cultures. You may can find more hints in previous literature which is cited by the paper.