MD72 MS Murashige & Skoog Multiplication Media

Want to use the MS Murashige & Skoog
Multiplication Media for orchids.
I want to multiply my orchids, anthuriums and garden flowers.
Will it be possible to share some ressources and protocoles.

Thanks for your support.


If you’re talking about the “MS Shoot Multiplication Medium C” aka “MS Modified Multiplication Medium”, it actually is not a multiplication medium developed for orchids. It is a modified MS containing LS vitamins, plant growth regulators and additional sodium dihydrogen phosphate - which increases ionic strength. It is already quite high in the basic MS.

The probability is low to find a protocol which includes usage of this particular mod for specific plants you’re looking for. So you may just try it out. But keep in mind it could be required to reduce salt strength for sensitive species., whereas media already including PGRs may not the best choice for that. It’s often better to change the macroelement concentration separately as they have a large impact on the ionic strength.