Low-budget way to set up a sterile environment

Dear all,
i am looking for a low budget way to set up a sterile environment which allows plant tissue culture.
I worked once with microorganisms where it was only required to work on an opened petri dish in the near of a bunsen burner flame. But as plants grow much slower I am sure any contamination with fast growing bacteria / fungi gets more problematic, so this may is not suitable?!

Thanks for any advice!

Maybe this article on the phytoneers database can help you:
Laminar flow cabinet

I previously used a DIY glove box, which is one of the cheapiest ways to get something like a sterile environment. But it is not big fun to deal with it. Much better is a self made laminar flow hood. If you have some luck you may find a cheap used one on ebay, but HEPA filter may must be replaced when purchasing used devices.

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Thanks! I will have a look on those linked DIY flow hood instructions. Need to check the complete cost for it, but seems to be affordable on first sight.

Saw a video on youtube, a glove box really does not look comfortable. :face_with_monocle: