How to dissolve Gellan in culture media?


I recently tried to make a small batch of media, and I used Gellan (2g/l) with full strength Murashige & Skoog Medium. Gellan should be compatible with MS according to the information of the supplier, but during sterilization in the microwave it did not dissolve. The solution remained turbid and after cooling down it only got a little more viscous, but not hard.

I really want to use it since I need a transparent medium for better observation of the root zone and contamination detection.

What am I doing wrong?? :thinking:

Afaik sterilization in the microwave does not work with the normally available Gellan types.

You need a higher temperature to dissolve it!

I used a steam pressure cooker to get it easily dissolved. Not sure if it reaches 121 °C inside the bottle, but it was surely higher temperature than you ever can reach during microwave method which does not build up sufficient pressure.

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thx… glad I have now another way to try. I even have a pressure cooker which i used only once so I will make it part of my home lab now :smile: