Aroid Micropropagation Protocol

Looking for method by which tissue culture of aroids (philodendron, monstera, thaumatophylum, scindapsus, epipremnum, etc.) may be achieved.

Some papers for Araceae members already have been mentioned here:

This paper also could be helpful :
HAN, Bong-Hee, et al. Micropropagation of Philodendron wend-imbe through adventitious multi-bud cluster formation. Journal of Plant Biotechnology, 2004, 31. Jg., Nr. 2, S. 115-119.

Another protocol for Philodendron pertusum micropropagation has been published by Kumar et al. (1998):

Kumar, Dinesh; Tiwari, J. P.; Singh, Rajendra. In-vitro clonal propagation of Philodendron pertusum. Indian Journal of Horticulture , 1998, 55. Jg., Nr. 4, S. 340-343.

Monstera deliciosa:

De-Wei, H. A. N., et al. Tissue Culture and Rapid Propagation of Monstera deliciosa. Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences , 2010. Jg., Nr. 26, S. 33.

Xiao-Xiao, Li, et al. Establishment of Tissue Culture and Plant Regeneration System of Monstera deliciosa. Guangxi Tropical Agriculture , 2009, Nr. 2, S. 4.

Fonnesbech, A., and M. Fonnesbech. “In vitro propagation of Monstera deliciosa.” HortScience 15.6 (1980): 740-741.